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We build custom motorcycle seats for every KTM model, including those listed above and shown below. The seat can have a new height (low or tall), width, foam density, cover, etc. We currently don't offer any luggage for KTM's, some day. More information and photos can be found in the 2 links below and the Fisher Seats and FAQ pages. Refer to fisherseats.com and our YouTube channel for more.

2007-11 KTM seats2011+ KTM seats
125-530cc Seats '07-'11
125-500cc Seats 2011-16



*Order forms are located on our Fisher Seats page along with pricing options starting at $499.99.


The majority of KTM seats are OEM manufactured with a shallow foam depth. So a firm foam density is needed to keep riders from riding on the plastic seat base below. If you want more comfort from your stock seat, then the key is added width which provides more support for a better foam density. KTM seats with a shallow OEM foam depth limits how low the seat can be made as well.


Complete seats can be purchased for around $100 extra. Stock covers need additional vinyl for trim with widened seats. You have your choice of vinyl for this trim or a new complete cover.


Please browse our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for any questions you would like answered. Notice the many shapes, concepts, and cover options of a custom seat, including the modified OEM covers with the KTM logo to keep your motorcycle looking factory. 2017+ seats available, ask.

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KTM 520 EXC seats520 EXC Seat aftermarket KTMKTM 500 EXC seat400 EXC seat aftermarketKTM 400 EXC seat aftermarket
520 EXC
'01 520 EXC low 10.5" wide
2019 500 EXC 11" wide
2001 400 EXC 11" wide
400 EXC 11"
KTM 640 LC4-E SeatKTM 640 LC4-E SeatKTM 640 LC4-E SeatKTM 525 EXC-R seat tall525 exc-r seat ktm aftermarket
640 LC4 11"
2001 640 LC4-E 11" wide
2001 640 LC4-E Stock
525 EXC-R 10" wide 2" tall
525 EXC 10"
450 EXC Seat aftermarket450 EXC Seat aftermarket690 enduro R seatKTM 690 Enduro R seat aftermarketKTM 690 Enduro R seat aftermarket
450 EXC 10"
2004 450 EXC 10" wide
2010 690 Enduro R Stock
'10 690 Enduro R 10" wide
690 Enduro R
950 adventure seat aftermarket ktm950 adventure seat aftermarket ktm950 adventure seat ktm525 mxc seat ktm aftermarket525 mxc seat ktm aftermarket
950 Adv
'04 950 Adventure 12.5" wide
2004 950 Adventure Stock
2004 525 MXC 11" wide
525 MXC 11"

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