Honda Seats - CRF450 250 X/R/RX/L XR650 R/L XR400R CRF250L CRF230 L/F/M


We build custom aftermarket motorcycle seats for every Honda model, including those listed. The seat can have a new height (low or tall), width, foam density, cover, etc. The Fisher Seats and FAQ pages have more information, including the order form. We currently don't offer any luggage setups for Honda models, soon though. Our newest Honda page on for mobile has pictures of seats installed. Our YouTube channel also has Honda seat comparisons to Seat Concepts.


• CRF450x/r seat up to 10.5" wide

• CRF250x/r seat up to 10.5" wide

• XR650r seat up to 11" wide

• XR650l seat up to 12" wide

• XR400r seat up to 11" wide

• XR250r seat up to 11" wide

• CRF230l/m seat up to 12" wide

• CRF230f seat up to 10.5" wide

• CRF250l seat up to 11" wide @ standard $499.99 price or purchase a complete for $599.99

• Wider BIG Fish options are available (+$20), a new cover may be required (+$59.99)

• Gain incredible passenger comfort vs OEM foam

• Lowered 1/2"- 2" at no extra cost (depending on model)

...*even lower heights are optional but will sacrifice comfort


The XR650L seat has little foam depth the back 4". More height is recommended if that section is used.

CRF 450L 450x 450r 450rx and 250L 250x 250r models have similar depth issues.


If you want more comfort from your stock seat, then the key is added width which provides more support for a better foam density. Stock covers need additional vinyl for trim with widened seats. You have your choice of vinyl for this trim or a new complete cover.


Please browse our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for any questions you would like answered. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to contact us. Ride red.

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CRF 450x seats HondaCRF450x Seat Honda aftermarketCRF250x Seat Honda aftermarketxr650r seat honda aftermarketxr 650r seat honda aftermarket
2006 CRF 450x 10.5" wide
2008 CRF 250x 9" wide
2007 XR 650R 11" wide
XR 650R 11"
XR650 seat Honda FisherXR650 seat Honda FisherCRF230l seat Honda aftermarketCRF 450x Seat Honda aftermarketCRF 450x Seat Honda aftermarket
XR650R 11"
2006 XR 650R 11" wide
2008 CRF 230L 11" wide
2009 CRF 450x 10.5" wide
CRF 450x
XR400r seat Honda aftermarketXR400r seat Honda aftermarketXR250r seat Honda aftermarketCR 250r seat Honda aftermarket 2006CR250r seat Honda aftermarket 2006
XR 400r 9"
1997 XR 400r 9" wide
1995 XR 250r 11" wide
2006 CR 250r 8" wide 1" tall
CR 250r 8"
CRF230f seat Honda aftermarketCRF230f seat Honda aftermarketXR 650l seat Honda aftermarket lowXR650l seat Honda aftermarketXR650l seat Honda aftermarket
CRF 230f 10"
2005 CRF 230f 10" wide
XR 650L 11" wide, 2" low
2011 XR 650L 11" wide
XR 650L 12"

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