Fisher Modified Seats - Extra Wide & Custom for Dirt Bike and Dual Sport


Save money from buying numerous aftermarket seats; ship us your stock seat to

be customized instead. Aftermarket foam molds won't compare to a custom

made seat. We make each seat custom to its rider by making the seat more

soft, low or tall height, and wider for any dual sport or dirt bike style seat.


Fisher Seat advantages:

ANY seat can be modified, no matter the make or model

• increased rider and passenger comfort

• choose between a soft, medium, or firm ride

• more cushion and softer ride than gel seats

• change height and seat cover color/grip if wanted

• reusing your seat cover saves us time/materials which saves you $

• return shipped after 2 weeks, 11/1/23 update - currently 2+ months

...*calculate shipping on USPS/UPS websites


How do you get your seat modified? Ship us your hard narrow seat, or

complete seats can also be purchased for around $100 more. Read our

FAQ page if you have questions. Then contact us via email and let us

know what seat you want altered and how. The order form below will

assist with that information. We will respond with options and cost.


Order Form.doc - Use this form if you would like to type and email it

Order Form.pdf - This is the printable handwritten version


Starting prices:

$499.99 - Includes standard increased seat width and altered cover

$59.99 - New vinyl cover, certain materials may increase cost


Seats installed can be seen on or our YouTube channel.

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I just got my seat back today and what a fine job you have done! Much nicer support on the rear end. I can’t wait to show it off to all my friends. Thank you. Kurt B. - Beavercreek, OR || I received the seat today and WOW you do awesome work. This seat is perfect, it's just what I was looking for. I'm very happy. If anyone is talking about needing a seat, I will be sending them to you. Shawn G. - Las Vegas, NV || I got the seat. You guys did a fantastic job. Very nice craftsmanship. Very comfortable. Fits me perfectly. Chris H. - Farmington, MI || Seat got here yesterday. I am very pleased with the quality of your work. Went for a ride today, what a dif.!!!! I can't wait to show my riding buds. Thanks again for a quality product. Don B. - Blountstown, FL || Absolutely love the seat. Mike and Jimmy say the same. A couple of riders in the park saw the seats and we gave them your name. I posted a note on the Thumper forum. Thanks again for your effort in getting our seats to us. David O. - Edinburg, TX || I can almost flat foot the ground now. Love it. I can say the seat is great with almost 2500 miles of use. We did 465 miles in one day going and coming from the camp out at Enterprise. My backside never got tired and we rode a tank of fuel between stops. Can't say enough about the seat. I let several DR650 riders sit on the seat and try it out. David S. - Lebanon, OR || Yesterday we got our seats and they look very nice. Work looks great. Today we took them for a big ride and they are GREAT!!! Very comfortable!!!! Just what I was hoping for! It was great doing business with you! And the next time I get a seat that sucks I will send it to you. Also I will recommend you to anyone who complains about their seat. As a matter of fact I already did today while I was out riding. Richard S. - Bentley, MI || My wife has ridden on the new seat and is very pleased. David W. - Kuna, ID || Seat looks GREAT. Much thanks! Mike B. - Fort Wayne, IN || I got the seat last night and it looks great. You did a super job with both the foam and the cover. I can touch the ground which is a big plus. Alan K. - Sewickley, PA || Real nice job on the seats. Jay W. & friends - Ayer, MA || I just got the seat back today it looks great thank you very much. Bob J. - Elliston, VA || The seat arrived Wednesday. Mounted it up and really like it. Many thanks. Bob K. – Bristow, IN || Seat looks great, can’t wait to use it. Thanks again for the fast turn around. Tom B. - New Lenox, IL || Really nice job. Far better than the factory seat. Ted Z. - Royal Oak, MI || Slapped it on the bike and only did a little bit of riding but it already seems like it will be a good fit. The extra cushioning should really do the trick. Taylor T. - Missoula, MT || Top quality craftsmanship on making seat wider!!! Pete C. - Los Angeles, CA || I finally got to ride the SXV with your seat and I am very happy. It looks very good. Thank you. I'll post your contact info on the AF1 SXV bulletin board. They are big on the Renazco seats over there and I honestly find your seat better and you are easier to deal with. Micky C. - Massapequa Park, NY || I just want to thank you for the fantastic saddles you made for Hyman's 950 and Vstrom sidecar rig. I flew up from Austin to spend a week ridin' around with him in the backcountry. Spent all day drivin' the hack on the Magruder, and another long day on 55 back to Boise; spent plenty time on the 950 too, and not once, for a moment, was I uncomfortable. Your saddles work better than my Renazco even, and I'm not knockin' his at all. That's some good work, there. Thanks. Next time I need saddle work, I'm callin' you. Stephen S. - Austin, TX || Love the seat. I have three bikes and this one was ridden the least. Now it is my favorite. My butt thanks you. Joel G. - Water Valley, TX || The seat worked great! I was able to sit down comfortably for a good portion of the ride. Thanks again for getting it done so quickly and beautifully. The seat looks very professional--can't tell it from stock. The other riders thought your craftsmanship was pretty slick...they may be calling you! Jim K. - Utica, IL || Well I’m finally sending you some pics of the seat you did for me months ago on my 2006 Husqvarna TE 510. I LOVE the seat. Peter L. - Gilroy, CA || The seat is awesome. Way more comfortable than gel or even stock. My dad is talking about sending his seat after seeing and riding mine, so expect another one from us. Thanks again for all your help and patience. I will spread the word about Fisher’s Upholstery. Zach H. - Tahlequah, OK || Still working GREAT! I was very happy with the end product and it has made my 25 mile commute much better. Now to get some bar risers :) Dennis C. - Dothan, AL || The seat works great. Richard T. - San Francisco, CA || I got the seat! It looks great! I have a friend that is a tailor by trade and has been doing it for 15 years, his compliment is that he has a long way to go before he can do that! Nicely done. I have managed to put about 500 km on this weekend without a sore ass! I spent Sat on my bike for about 4 hours, mostly highway and 2 small offroad tours. I went where I normally take my decker and have passed by a trail so many times, wishing I could check it out. Sat I did and it was fun. I was curious if the extra width would get in the way when offroad, it did not. Another thought I had was it may stick out too far and get damaged if I dropped my bike, well I dropped my bike and nothing happened to the seat. I am very pleased. I believe my DRZ is now comparable to my sporty or 08 KLR and more comfortable than my old XS 650. Thanx again. Shon C. - Elmira, Ontario, Canada || Thank you for the work on the seat. The seat looks good and feels good. Much better on my long commutes to work. Mark G. - Luling, TX || I absolutely love the seat you made, it's perfect for me. I got a chance to put 5 hrs on it yesterday. Nate K. - Yucaipa, CA || Quick and reasonably priced and I think the quality is great. I had a quick ride and the extra width is going to be much appreciated for my long dual sport rides next year. Overall very happy. David B. - Dayton, OH || So far it feels very comfortable on the old bum. The quality of your work is excellent. Thanks a lot. Terry N. - Holdrege, NE || Got my seat and I gotta tell you, it looks and feels fantastic! Definitely a big improvement over stock. Thanks again. Dennis V. - Grosse Pointe Farms, MI || One nice thing is your seat is a full 3 pounds lighter than the Corbin seat. Important on a dirt bike where every pound counts. Thanks. Paul S. - Huffman, TX || The seat looks very nice. You guys did a great job. Brad C. - Cedar Hill, TX || Thanks the seat looks great it sits good in the garage I've been showing it off to people that stop by. Geoff C. - Boulder, CO || The seat looked great and I am VERY pleased with it. You guys did an awesome job! Thanks so much! Dennis S. - Chilhowie, VA || Got about 5 hrs on my GasGas since I got my seat is outstanding, many times better than stock. Thanks for excellent work. William D. - Franklin, TN || Just got back from 5 days in the east fort rock ohv trail system(318 miles of trails just out of bend oregon). Put almost 400 miles on and I couldn’t be more happy with my seat. Slide up the tank to the narrow part of the seat for aggressive riding then drop back to the fat part in the open for comfort. Best of both worlds. Thought I’d send a thanks. Definitely will be recommending your mod. Brian C. - Sandy, OR || Looks and feels great! Thanks. Nate B. - St. Albans, VT || Thanks for your good work. I was only able to test ride for a few minutes but a good difference. Thanks again. Dave N. - Gladstone, OR || Seats look real nice! Can’t wait to ride!!! Ken W. - Roanoke, VA || Great fit & finish. Simon W. - Rye, NY || I received the seat. It looks very nice. An OUTSTANDING seat. I highly recommend it. Jeff F. - Shelby Township, MI || The seat showed up today and looks good. Scot C. - Fullerton, CA || Looks great, thanks. Trevor S. - Redmond, OR || Thanks. My riding life will be better. Alfred B. - Southampton, NY || It looks great. Thank you. Amador B. - San Francisco, CA || The seat arrived yesterday. It really looks great. Alex V. - Austin, TX

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Both the Suzuki DRZ 400s and Gas Gas EC 300 seats shown here still have their stock cover installed, only with some vinyl side trim added.


Like all CRF models, the Honda CRF450x seat cover can limit width added. Adding 5.5" width to the Aprilia RXV 450 seat is a dramatic comfort increase. This TTR 125 seat was raised 2" taller than stock as well as widened 4.5".


Seats similar to this Husqvarna TE250 seat limit options. We prefer the front to remain narrow, allowing the seat height to feel the same with leg room. Our Yamaha WR250R seat is no exception.


Most seat widths shown are not maxed out. Both the WR450 seat and the Beta RR525 seat can add more width than shown here.

DRZ 400 seat stockDRZ 400s seatEC 300 seat blackDRZ 400 seats
DRZ400s (10.5" wide)
EC 300 (10" wide)
CRF 450x seat2007 RXV 450 seatTTR 125 seatTTR 125 seats
CRF450x (10.5" wide)
07 RXV 450 (9.5" wide)
TTR125 (10" wide)
TE 250 seatHusqvarna TE 250 seatHusqvarna TE 250 seats
WR250R (10" wide)
TE250 (8.5" N Style cover)
WR 450 seatBeta RR 525 seatBeta RR525 seatRR 525 seats
WR450f (9" wide)
RR525 (8" wide)


Suzuki DR 650 seats offers a lot of foam to work with. Meaning the seats can be shaped more specific to the rider's prefer-

ence. One seat was cut down 2" and then filled with a softer 1".


The Honda XR650r seat is an example of a new custom cover we made to replace the old sun rotted one. Our work shines on hard seats like this Husaberg FE570 seat.


Even though the KLR 650 seat is more comfortable than most dual sport seats, it can be improved. Whether it is 4" wider or 2" shorter like these two examples.


This Yamaha WR250f has only 2" added. The KTM 640 LC4 Super Enduro seat is re-sloped and wider. The KTM 400EXC seat cover displays the increased width. Husqvarna WR150 seats can add some width and design.

DR 650 seat stockDR 650 seatDR 650 seat lowDR 650 seats
DR650 (10.5" wide)
DR650 (10.5" wide 2" cut)
XR 650 seatFE 570 seat stockFE 570 seatFE 570 seats
XR650r (10.5" recovered)
FE570 (9" wide)
KLR 650 seat08 KLR 650 seatKLR 650 seat lowKLR 650 seats
'08 KLR650 OEM
'08 KLR650 (12" wide)
KLR650 (12.5" wide 2" cut)
WR 250 seatKTM LC4 640 seatKTM 400 EXC seatWR 150 seats
'06 WR250f (7" wide)
640 LC4 (11" wide)
400 EXC (11" wide)

Complete Seats For Sale - Actual Photos of Each Seat Below - Click Photo for Seat Description

01 WR250f2003 WR 450 seat





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