WR 250 R/X (2008-2017) Seat and Luggage


The WR 250 is an excellent specimen for Fisher Saddlebags™. A light-weight bike that is built to explore off-road terrain only needs one thing,

a place to put things. Our saddlebags accomplish just that and keep the back end narrow enough to negotiate tight trails. Our WR 250 rack protects the bag from any heat damage. For those who enjoy the asphalt, this model also fits the X. If you are like many riders who want to haul extra fuel, these saddlebags can accomodate your needs. Just make sure your container does not leak. Total volume is approximately 40.6 liters. *This model will not fit aftermarket exhaust, our other model does: here


Dimensions (approx.):


12" x 17" x 4" [609 in³](Left side)

10" x 13" x 4.5" [585 in³](Top) (Expands to 8" height [1040 in³])

12" x 17" x 3.5" [714 in³](Right side)

Dimensions Photo


The Yamaha WR 250 saddlebags:


• allow room for stock turn signals

• fit around the stock exhaust

• leave 100% of the seat space

• allow room for passenger foot peg use


Check out the photo gallery below (click to enlarge)


* The '09 WR 250R shown below may look different than stock with the aftermarket accessories, including our custom 10" wide seat.

Installation Instructions







Price: Unavailable




• Saddlebags

• ABS rack

• Mounting hardware


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