1996-2017 DR 650 Seat and Luggage


The rear end of the DR 650 provided a substantial amount of room for our saddlebags. This model will fit DR 650's equipped with the stock Suzuki grab bars. If your DR has an exhaust installed that we do not have listed, contact us for additional information. Total volume is approximately 40.4 liters. Complete setup weighs 9.4 lbs.


Dimensions (approx.):


12" x 17" x 3.5" [614 in³](Left side)

13" x 14" x 4.5" [670 in³](Top) (Expands to 8" height [1192 in³])

12" x 17" x 3.5" [658 in³](Right side)

Dimensions Photo


The Suzuki DR 650 saddlebags:


• fit around the OEM grab bars

• allow room for stock turn signals

• fit around the stock exhaust

• leave 100% of the seat space

• allow room for passenger foot peg use





Check out the photo gallery below (click to enlarge)

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* The '06 DR 650 shown below may look different than stock with

the aftermarket accessories, including our custom 10.5" wide seat.

Installation Instructions







Price: Unavailable




• Saddlebags (3 bags)

• ABS rack

• Mounting hardware

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