Dual sport saddlebags, custom motorcycle seats, and custom seat covers for adventure riders.



Fisher Saddlebags ™ offer a unique and innovative solution to attach saddlebags and other items to

the back of dual sport motorcycles. Whereas, other motorcycle bags can be very cumbersome and

hard to attach. These saddlebags are designed for the "day rider" and urban riders that commute.

Plus, certain motorcycles just don't work well with mounting bags on the back, which is why we have

designed the durable ABS plastic rack. Each rack is bolted to the subframe and the saddlebags slip on

over the rack with turn-buckles securing them.


Our saddlebags are made with an 11 oz. marine canvas which is both mildew and ultra-violet

resistant (UVR). The marine canvas is highly water resistant, yet breathable, and has an extremely

high tear strength for those times when the bike is not on two wheels. Each bag is reinforced with

an added inside layer of vinyl with extra layers at wear points. Fisher Saddlebags™ are stitched

together with a high-tensile strength UVR thread. Every bag is made with delrin molded tooth zippers

which are a huge advantage over bags made with coil zippers. The top bag is also designed

to expand for an extra jacket or other large dual sport accessories!


Still riding your stock seat? We have a better alternative than it and aftermarket replacement seats.

You can also find stock replacement seat covers on our Seat Covers page for motorcycles and

snowmobiles. We also offer custom stock fit covers for many models. fisherseats.com

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Why use a plastic dual sport rack on a motorcycle?


• Lightweight (approx. 3 lbs + 0.4 lbs hardware)

• Easy to install on dual sport motorcycles

• Bolt on luggage is much more secure

• Rack provides multiple options for attachments

• Helps block rear wheel debris from the rider

• Allows for quick and simple removal of saddlebags

• Protects the bags from debris off the rear wheel

• Smooth inner plastic will not hold mud, saving weight

• Flexible and won't bend

• Dual sport racks protect bags from heat damage on

z motorcycles with exposed exhaust


More advantages with Fisher Saddlebags ™


• Detachable saddlebags, easily attached and removed

• Slender side bags offer more room to navigate narrow trails

• Less likely to catch an obstacle (tree, branch, rock, etc.)

• More forgiving if the motorcycle lands on you in a crash

• Expandable top bag

• All zippers are protected with canvas flaps

• Double and triple stitched seams on bags

• Does not cover any part of the seat

• Allows room for passenger or more luggage

• No straps to come loose and get caught in the spokes or chain

• Total weight of Fisher Saddlebags ™ are only 9 lbs±

• Engineered and positioned to ease rider mounting/dismounting

• Lockable motorcyle bags

• Less top heavy and more center weight distribution than panniers, boxes,

a and other saddlebags


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